We understand at Victory that every member of God’s family is a minister.  When you’re serving, you’re ministering and every Christian is called to service.

Children's/Youth Ministry

Children’s/Youth Ministry is focused on teaching children, ages 3-12, about Christ, about a love for Christ, others and themselves. Special attention is given to teaching about God’s will for young lives. This ministry also seeks to teach children Godly manners and habits in the weekly worship services and Bible studies.

Christian Education Ministry

Christian Education Ministry provides opportunities for spiritual growth for all members. This ministry will assure that each teaching component of the church has the proper resources to enhance learning. This ministry will also provide training opportunities for teachers and leaders of all ministries.


C.O.V.E.N.A.N.T. (Contacting Others Via Email, News and National Television) Ministry operates as a hub for the church’s communication, information and media means for the sharing of God’s Word. This ministry is designed to creatively develop, manage and produce all publications for the ministry update with web-sites, produces CD’s and DVD’s. Advertise events, newletters and other publications.

Evangelism Ministry

Evangelism Ministry members tell the good news! This ministry goes out into the community, searching for those who don’t know Jesus and gladly sharing the “good news” of the gospel of Christ. Members are also responsible for providing tracts for members, visitors and fore use in community witnessing. Visits are made on a scheduled basis to new community members, the sick and shut-in, hospitals, etc.

Family Life Ministry

Family Life Ministry seeks to provide family oriented activities that promote family unity of V.T.M.B.C.

Fine Arts Ministry

Fine Arts Ministry (drama, dance, music) is organized to provide the membership with the opportunity to praise God through dance, singing, and drama and on musical instruments! David danced before the Lord! Jesus used parables so that all could understand His message! The angels cried Holy, Holy, Holy! And so, we lift our voices and use our bodies as instruments of praise in this ministry!

Fulfillment Hour

Fulfillment Hour What is Fulfillment Hour?

Fulfillment Hour is a one hour session conducted at Victory Tabernacle Mission Baptist Church that helps you to better understand and strengthen your relationships with family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, and church members. Each Sunday morning’s lesson is tailored to meet the individual’s (churched and unchurched) needs right where he or she is right now. Each lesson addresses current issues we face daily. Fulfillment Hour discusses topics like conflict, trust, developing relationships, friendship, intimacy, forgiveness, and stress. The lesson focuses on what we need to do to develop and improve our relationship with God and others. This is done in three steps: Step 1. Fulfillment Hour takes a similar situation (scripture) from the Bible that matches current situations today. Step 2. The class discusses in detail how God used people to get them through these situations. Finally, Step 3. The session identifies the things we need to do to change our behavior so that God can see us though our situations. Come out and join us. It’s free. Bring your family, friends and co-workers. Everyone is welcomed.

Greeters Ministry

Greeters Ministry members have a three-fold responsibility. First, this ministry sets the tone for the worship service by warmly greeting those who enter the sanctuary for worship. Secondly, as visiting churches come to share on special occasions, it is this ministry’s duty to greet them, escort them to requested areas, and to offer other assistance as required, including the escorting of guest speaker to the worship center. Thirdly, this ministry is responsible for sending cards to the membership to acknowledge birthdays, illnesses and deaths.

Heart to Heart Women's Ministry

Heart to Heart Women’s Ministry seeks to address the needs of the women of the congregation and community through Bible study, fellowship, and outreach. This ministry experiences the feeling of true sisterhood as a support system is created that allow the women to bind together in strengths and weaknesses. Service activities include time with the sick, volunteerism, drama and liturgical dance, teen time in local high schools, and learning the value of “grandma’s hands.”


H.O.P.E. (Helping Other People Excel) Ministry seeks to equip/develop leaders that will assist the V.T.M.B.C. accomplish its’ mission/vision. This ministry helps to develop leadship skills in the membership at V.T.M.B.C. to become future entreprnuers and business owners.

Men of Valor Ministry

Men of Valor Ministry is designed to inform, motivate and involve all men and young boys in praying, studying, giving, ministering and bearing witness to Christ. The ministry is engaged in developing personal witness strategies, developing and implementing mentoring activities, and supporting those programs which seek to bring Christ to all people.

Missions/Helping Hands Ministry

Missions/Helping Hands Ministry is the heart of the church. “Missions” is what the church does to achieve her goal in the area of human need. This ministry teaches the basic concept of missions; support the work of organized mission efforts; and supports the work of the church. Members are taught the love of God and the importance of spreading the good news through mission oriented activities. Members also develop skills in leadership and planning.

Pastor Support Ministry

Pastor Support Ministry provide assistance, comfort and support to the pastor in all areas of ministry. This ministry also plans the days os celebration for the pastor, i.e. birthdays, pastor’s anniversary, banquests, etc. This ministry is duty-bound to pray for the pastor. We recognize that in blessing the man of God, we are also blessed!

Prayer Ministry

Prayer Ministry covers the congregation in prayer, recognizing that prayer is needed in all things, in all seasons. Intercessory prayer teams pray for each service and for guest speakers who visit. These members pray for special requests that are brought before the congregation or that are placed in the prayer request box. This ministry also conducts prayer walks through various neighborhoods.

Usher Ministry

Usher Ministry is a chosen ministry of servants for Christ and the church. It is designed to assure that all worship experiences are carried out in a reverent atmosphere. Members are responsible for meeting, greeting, and seating worshipers; providing worshipers with church related materials; and attending to the needs of the church leadership, members and visitors.

Weekly Worship Encounter Opportunities

SUNDAY: Educational Hour - 9:30am Worship Encounter - 8:30am & 10:30am WEDNESDAY: Corporate Prayer - 6:30pm Bible Study - 7:00pm